Curling garter stitch

Hi, first time post! I just made a cute little bag to keep my knitting supplies in, and the closing flap has taken on a weirdo curling effect. One side curls down, and the other side curls up. I used 100% acrylic yarn, so I’m pretty sure blocking is out, and I don’t have an iron. Is there an edging stitch or something I can use to make it lie flat?

Curling garter stitch - how odd. I wonder if a crochet border would help. Just make single crochets around with a few more to go round the corners. Perhaps after it’s washed it’ll relax some.

Yeah, garter stitch is just knitting, right? I haven’t been knitting for very long.:aww:

garter stitch… just means you knit every row.

Stockinette stitch (which will curl badly on the edge of a scarf /hat/etc.) is knit on one side (usually what is considered the front of the item/garment) and purl on the other side.

HOWEVER, usually garter stitch doesn’t curl since it’s pretty thick when you knit both sides.

how odd. i was born in south korea! how awesome!! :heart:

How many rows of garter stitch did you do? Is it all garter?

It’s all garter. I fixed it. I just added a decreased border. It’s not perfect, but it’s only for my knitting stuff anyhoo.

Thanks for the help!