Curling ends in stockinette what shoould I do?

I am making my first scarf and I am knitting one row then purling the other, but my edges are rolling together. How can I avoid/fix this problem?

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I am running into the same problem with a sweater I have started. The pattern is in the Vogue Knitting issue Fall 2006. You would think that the author of the pattern would know that the edges are going to curl in stockinette. The gal at my LYS suggested putting interfacing for knits on the back. Has anyone ever done that. The sweater is going along so smoothly I hate to start over!

I’ve learned the hard way - you need to knit a border of garter stitch or moss stitch for about an inch or so OR knit an inch of stockinett stitch, then knit a row of purl stitches with the plan to turn the edge under for a hem. If knitting in the round garter stitch will curl also unless you create the garter stitching by knitting one row then purling the next row alternately.

Yes stockinette curls, but it’s only a problem with a scarf or shawl with a long edge. Don’t worry about it on a sweater. You’re going to seam the edges together so they won’t be on their own and blocking is going to help even it out a lot.


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If you knit about 7 rows of stockinette and then do a purl row, that will stop it from rolling any further. In case you want a rolled edge at the bottom of your sweater, or something. I found that little trick in a hat pattern once. :smiley: