Curling edges

Well, getting the hang of all the purls and knits and such, But I always seem to have one corner that curls up. And it’s always the corner without a tail (opposit corner from where I finish casting on) Is it because I am pulling some of my stitches tighter than others? if so how do i get an even tension through out my work, ( Im willing to bet practice right :wink: ) Thanks!:knitting: merci!

Are you doing stockinette? (alternating rows of knit and purl) Stockinette naturally curls and there is a thread at the top of this forum dedicated to that topic.

If it’s just the corner of another stitch it might be because you’ve pulled too tightly. What pattern are you doing?

Yes I’m alternating rows of purls and knits and I’m not doing a pattern, really just doing a bunch of starter squares,I’m just learning to knit and really just playing around seing what I can do, I didn’t see the thread about the curling edges, I will check it out…thank you!

If you’re going to sew your squares together, don’t worry about the curling, the seaming will stop it.

I probably will sew all my little started practice squares together for a lap blanket, nice on a snowy day, but I was just reading the sticky curling edge post, it says i have to do a border (makes sence) so do I knit say 2 or 3 rows to start then a few stitches on each row to get a border where I’m doing a stocking stitch? I couldnt find the instructions for doing a border, but I’m assumeing I have it right…in theory and the thread says i can block it and it might possibly fix the issue…what the heck is blocking?
Thank You. Merci!

If you’re not sewing them together, but making a scarf or something, you doing a border would be good, but you don’t [I]have[/I] to for the squares. For a scarf you’d knit about 4-6 rows then about 3-4 sts on each edge. For your squares 3 rows ought to work.

Blocking is getting your item damp or wet, then pinning it into shape and let it dry. It doesn’t work with acrylic, only natural fibers.

OHHHHHH! Ok …I get it…
I made a little scarf for a teddy bear but i didn’t curl, I don’t think the little girl who requested it cared if it did. But she now wants me to do a wavy stretchy scarf for her, to match Barnaby’s you see and i didn’t want it to curl up and get all nasty looking.

So do i have to block everything I knit?

I seldom block anything, but I mostly use acrylic. You may have knit the scarf for the teddy bear in stockinette, knitting every row. What’s the pattern for the wavy scarf? It may not need to have a border or be blocked.

Ok bear with me…I don’t have a pattern and I don’t have a great knowledge of how to write it, but I knit 2 rows to start (probly why the bottom edge didn’t curl…just thought of that) , then alternated knit 1 row, purl 1 row for 6 rows, then knit 6 rows. Then kept repeating. so in the alternating parts I had a flat smoot part, then the full knit part was a raised bumpy part. So to me it was a wavy stretchy patern :slight_smile:

I think maybe Sue meant garter…garter is knit every row with no purling. Stockinette is knit a row, purl a row.

Ooops yes, I did mean garter. I woke up hours way too early this morning…

So yeah, with a couple rows of garter, then stockinette, then garter, and alternating that would keep it from curling and rolling.