Curling and adding stitches to the sides

Okay I read below all the tips on curling with stockingette stitch K/P
How do I add stitches around a finished scarf to stop the curling?
Do I crochet stitches around in SC maybe or can one knit garter stitches around the completed scarf that was knit up on 22 stitches to a greater length? How do you knit on the side of a scarf? How many rows of added stitches do the trick? Thanks in advance for your advice. :heart: Lynn

waiting to hear how to add to side of scarf (to stop curling) after done.
want to add the garter stitiches. No idea how to pick this up with a knitting needle. Can see how to use crochet hook maybe to add stitches, but how do you do it with a knitting needle?

[color=blueviolet]Watch the Picking Up Stitches video on this page.[/color]

:smiley: THANK YOU JESSI This pick up video was exactly what I needed. I think I can do it now. thanks so much for responding so quickly to my need! Off to Michael’s for more yarn to finish this scarf and stop the Curling! Yippee! :XX: Lynn