Curled edges

Hello All-

I don’t remember what to do about curled edges on my small knitted items. Does washing and pinning while damp take care of it? I’m knitting clothes for 18" dolls.


What stitch are you using? Curling happens 99.9% of the time when you’re using stockinette stitch. You would have to use a wide border of garter or seed stitch to stop the curling. But since you’re making dolls clothes, I don’t think a wide border would work.


You can try blocking but if it’s stockinette, it just w[U]ants[/U] to curl and it will have its way. This is a very familiar topic. Lots of discussion here. and some ideas here in part one of a series on fixing curling. In some cases it’s helped by a deep border of garter or seed st but that may not be possible for the small items you’re knitting. Maybe lining the item?
Hope you can find a solution!

Yep, stockinette.

Thanks. Guess I’ll just wash and pin, and hope for the best.

If you’ll be sewing the edges that will stop it.

I border afghans and scarves when I dont want curling.