Curled edges on afghan

I’ve seen info on how to prevent curling edges, but it’s too late for me - the afghan is finished.
So, my question is: How can I straighten the curled edges on the finished piece? I used acrylic yarn, which some sources say can never be blocked, and other sources say should always be blocked.

Should I try blocking with steam, or placing a washcloth on top and then running a steam iron over it? Or is there a better method to use with acrylic?

I’d love to hear from someone who has successfully straightened their curled acrylic-yarn edges.

I’ve taken out the curl on acrylic with steam before seaming. Since you’ve been reading you have probably seen that steam will “kill” the yarn. I say it softens it. I guess it depends on what the intention of the piece is.

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To steam it, do you hover a steam iron a couple of inches over the yarn while patting it down?

I’m glad to hear that the yarn softens when it’s “killed” - I was picturing the texture of hard melted plastic, and it made me very nervous!

I use a steamer, but that’s what I’ve read about using a steam iron (my iron is from before steam was invented.)

Because I use a steamer I can press. You will have to pin it out.

Killing is like Simply Soft having ribs that don’t hold tight (don’t steam ribs).
I haven’t melted normal acrylic but I did have a baby fantasy yarn that was ruined with steam.

I suggest knitting a swatch with the same stitch and steam that first too see how it goes. Once you kill it it’s permanent. No washing will bring it back so testing is helpful info.

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Good point - I’ll do that!

Hi! I ude acrylic all the time. If you were just starting i would suggest you reverse your stitches for 2 rows but since you are finished i would b you wash it … or like others have suggested and try steaming it. Good luck and let us know how it comes out!

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If you crochet, you could crochet a border and see if that will stop the curling

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Yes crocheting a border will help with the curling

It would need to be a pretty wide crochet border. Stockinette is powerful. :joy:

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Thanks for the good advice, everyone! I don’t know how to crochet, but I do know how to work a steam iron …
So, I put a dry washcloth over the edges and lightly steamed them. It worked enough to take out the worst of the curl - I didn’t approach it aggressively enough to make it completely flat, but I’m happy with the result.


When you have time you should try learning the basic crochet sts you will find that it becomes helpful even putting seams together. At least I have found it to be helpful.

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Pin your afghan, cover with damp towels (I steam block the entire knitted item) and steam all the edges. I have had to do 1/2 of a long scarf at a time and it looked great! If you use a steamer you won’t need the towel. I have a steam iron and I lightly press down on my towel. As long as the hot iron does not actually contact your knitting, all will be great.
Block and enjoy a more professional look to your afghan.

Thank you - that’s exactly what I ended up doing, and it worked!

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