Curled Edge on Stockinette...what edging to use to straighten it out?

Hi there,

I wasn’t sure whether to post this question in this section or in the crochet section…so I picked this one!

I’ve knit a poncho for my daughter and it is purple and white squares done in stockinette. I blocked it and put it all together but the edges are still curling.:cry: The cast on/off edges are curling towards the right side and the selvedge edges are curling towards the wrong side. The pattern says to edge it in one row single crochet edging…I did that but it’s still curly.

Does anyone know of another edging I could use to make the piece lie flat? Or should I do another row of sc? Should I use less stitches in the sc edging? It’s a geometric pattern (squares) so I’m hesitant to use a shell as that is quite rounded.

Any ideas would be great!



At the top of the page is a sticky post about stockinette curling. There are suggestions in there for what works well as well as comments.

That’s a cute poncho. :wink: