I have started on the back and knitted 6 rows…now I see that the bottom of the hem will be curled, should I use a one size larger needle? Sweater calls for a 6mm…but should I use a 7 or so to cast on the stitches THEN go back to the 6mm size…help…I just pulled it all out. :frog:

If it’s all stockinette, that’s the stitch, not the needle size. If it’s in garter, it shouldn’t make a difference. The reason to use a larger needle for the CO is to make the edge stretchier, has little effect on whether it curls up or not. Also, being a sweater, seaming the edges should help it stay down, though you might want to consider some sort of border - seed or garter st or ribbing.

I am knitting Palma cardigan book #277…It is stocking st. for 20 1/2 inches…the bottom row is curling up. Shall I just cast on again and just leave it be and keep on?

[B]if it is stocking knit it will curl.[/B]

[B]if it is supposed to have a curled[/B] (rolled edge/hem) you can do 1 row of K1, P1, (and the edge/hem will roll to this point(row) and no further.

[B]you can block the sweater[/B] (and if its a small sweater, the blocking + the side seams will help reduce the roll–if it is an Extra large the side seams will help reduce the roll, but it will roll center front/center back (and no amount of blocking will resolve.)

Currently, there are many sweaters “designed” with no edges/hems or other features to prevent stocking knit from acting as it naturally wants to–(and rolling!)

if you really hate the roll, and don’t want to fight it, think about adding:
1 a hem
2 an edging (knit on–see any of Nicky Epstein’s books on edging, or any other book of the same sort, or even a good stitch dictionary for edging.
3–a crochet edging. (but a single row of single crochet will not do it.)