Curious yarn over - what to do?

I’m working on a knitted hood, and am finding the instructions for the buttonhole rows a bit strange.

The entire pattern is viewable here. The specific section I’m having difficulty with, I’ve quoted below, and highlighted the problem passage in bold:

I know that yrn and yon are old ways of specifing knitwise and purlwise yarnovers. Is it possible that this is a mistake in the directions? How am I to make one of each yarn over in succession without losing the first one, and without making a stitch in between?

Maybe you’re supposed to essentially wrap the yarn twice for a larger hole?

Let’s see what’s happening. . .

k p k (now the yarn is in back), yrn-(yarn round needle)-bring the yarn up over the needle from the back, yon, bring it around again.

Yup, I think that’s it. When you get to the stitch on the next row, only knit into one of the wraps and let the other fall for a bigger hole.

Thank you Ingrid!! As usual, you rock.:muah:

P.S. I think your yarn dragon has been talking to my yarn dragon… I’ve been acquiring a small pile of variegated lace yarns lately. cloud9

It’s a disease, I tell ya.