Curious Question

Hello! I found this while searching for help for a project I am trying to get started. I didn’t want to post on Facebook groups or charity groups cause I didn’t want to step on any toes in terms of rules.

I am a fairly new knitter in the world of stuffed animals and I am trying to make a “business plan” for a college ENTR project. The end goal of the project is to have a working prototype to product to business to help people in the end… and be a business you could search and order things from.

I have developed a pattern for an octopus that will be able to hold some simple electronics to be applied as a communication device for non verbal children on the autism spectrum or children with other disabilities that make communication difficult. It is supposed to be affordable and portable for younger children and less breakable for those who may have breakdowns and throw things. The production of these octopi is supposed to be in house and homemade. But I am only one person. Part of the plan I have to create for the project is to find out if there is any way I can crowd-source the knitting of the octopi shells. It would involve very little time (as a beginner it takes me about 2.5-3 hours per octopus), however I’m taking 20 credits at school and only have and 2.5-3 hours a week to work on any knitting project I have, and I am not unusual with how many in progress pieces I have. (The goal is to have compensation per octopus)

If you would be willing to support my project eventually or knit when the business gets funding, please comment! I just need a number to know if its possible to completely crowd source the project or if large scale mechanical manufacturing is necessary.

If this isn’t allowed I am very sorry and will remove it if told.
Thanks for reading!!!