Curious.. Do you remember first learning to knit?

Okay I’m very curious, does anyone remember what it was like when you first learned to knit? Was it difficult or easy? How did your knitting looked? Was it messy or neat looking? Loose or tight? Does anyone still have their first swatches or projects? If so do you look at it sometimes and think “Wow…”? Do you know anyone that was a ‘decent’ knitter when they first learned?

I do remember…it was only 5 yrs ago at age 53 or so. I’m a late in life learner. :lol: It was awkward and my tension wasn’t that great, but practice makes perfect! Or closer to it anyway since no one is perfect. :wink: Unfortunately I think I repurposed the yarn so I don’t have my original swatch or whatever it was.

I learned on string and sharpened tinkertoy sticks over 45 years ago, so I don’t have my first ‘swatch’. I didn’t even know what a swatch was until I took up knitting again about 6 years ago after a 12 year break. My first project was a bunny for my niece, my second a sweater that I ripped out and reknit and is now unraveled again, waiting for a dye job (I don’t like purple anymore) but I still have the yarn.

I taught myself how to knit when I was in High school in the 1970’s. I made a baby blanket for my English teacher who was having a baby. Our class gave her a baby shower in class one day before she left for the baby’s birth.I used yellow yarn (don’t remember the brand) and a how to knit booklet that also had a baby blanket pattern in it. The pattern was stockinette background with purl rectangles that echoed the shape of the blanket and each rectangle was getting smaller until I reached the middle and then got bigger as I reached the end of the blanket. I put a sleeper and a pair of booties with the blanket when I gave it to her. She was surprised to learn I had knit it. After her baby was born( it was a little boy)
, she sent me a very nice thank you letter.

I think I was about eight or nine years old when my cousin taught me to knit, using what she called the knitting fairy tale. It goes something like this: The prince (your right hand needle) rides against the castle (first stitch on the left hand needle). He sneaks around and inside the backdoor, get the princess (i.e. the thread) and rides out. Voila!

My first project ever was a scarf, knit with some kind of frilly yarn that I thought lovely, but of course it was terrible for a first time knitter. Well, at least all my holes weren’t as visible. :wink:

It was a rainy day at the shore and a friend’s mother, desperate I think to keep us busy, bought us each a ball of yarn and knitting needles. Since she was right-handed and I’m a lefty, I learned to knit right-handed. We just knit a rectangle till we reached the end of the ball, ripped it out and re-knit the same yarn many times over. I remember slowly turning the piece to the back while watching the last st on the needle to make sure I only knit one st into it at the beginning of the next row. That first piece was uneven, full of errors and pretty grubby but it was a beginning.

I was 11 years old. It was 1967. A babysitter taught me how to knit. She learned from her old German grandmother. It was Continental style but she draped the yarn around her middle finger instead of the index. I still have that odd quirk. My first project was a headband. They were popular then.

I picked it up 6 years ago or so. A friend and an aunt had taught me how to CO, do st st, and BO. I decided to tackle my first project while pregnant. I wanted to knit a poncho for breastfeeding. I finished the poncho, the purple one in my Ravelry projects, but never wore it for BF b/c when I had my daughter in November in Savannah, it was still well into the 90s and I would have roasted. :hot:

I am amazed about how I can now pick up a pattern that says experienced and be able to do it. I didn’t even notice the transition from novice to experienced and I am there! :woot:

My mom taught me to knit about 30+ years ago as a “tween”. I remember tight stitches, and extra wraps when I was learning to rib. I also remember starting so many projects (and often frogging them) that I knew exactly how to cast on, but could never remember how to cast off. I think I finally had casting off stick about the time I was in college.

I was a very [B]tight [/B]knitter when I started.

Yes, I remember!

I was the night cashier at Manning’s Restaurant.
My boss was a late-night, behind-the-scenes knitter.
I asked "Whatcha doin’?"
She gave me two sharp pencils and a wad of yarn, and taught me to knit and purl that very night. She said “all knitting is a combo of these two stitches…go get a US8 needle and a skein of yarn…and knit a scarf…preferably garter stitch…and get back to me…”

The rest is history!

I knit a perfect monstrosity of a scarf! As I remember, it was prolly 16" wide and 5’ long, with fringe.
It was white with blue and red stripes at each end.

I wore it with pride. :wink: It overwhelmed me, but I was totally warm and cozy!

My mother taught me to knit in the early 80’s to earn a Girl Scout badge. I met the requirements but never really fullly “embraced” knitting. My mother was a very advanced knitter and make really complicated projects so I think it was overwhelmed by the thought of it. In 2005 she passed away suddenly and left numerous WIPs that were all gifts for the grandchildren. My two kids and my niece. I wanted to find a knitter to finish them so the kids would have one last thing from Grandma Linda. I found a LYS with very nice women who all wanted to help but none had the time to knit for me. They offered to let me come weekly to their UFO (unfinished object night) and they would coach me through. In the process I became a pretty darn good knitter and haven’t stopped since. I find it to be a nice connection to my mom 6 years after she passed. I still have all her needles and some of her yarn in my stash.

That is a truly HAPPY ending to a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing it with us! You mother would be proud of you!!! :heart: Sorry for the loss of your dear mother.

I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s stories! :hug: I don’t remember learning. I basically have a bad memory all around, not selective to this. :lol: A girlfriend taught me in high school probably when I was a jr. or sr. so in 1964-66 somewhere. I don’t remember anything about it except that it happened. I saw this friend at our 40th reunion and she still knits. I told her I knit too and asked if she remembered that she was the one who first taught me? She didn’t. :slight_smile:

I didn’t keep it up after that first exposure. After our our first child was born I learned again when I was about 20-21. I remember I had to walk about a quarter of a mile every time I made a mistake I couldn’t figure out. One mistake I remember was learning to do ribbing. I was totally mystified as to why it wasn’t working, when I could swear I was doing k1, p1. But I was not moving the yarn back and forth so was getting a terrible mess. :lol:

After that I didn’t forget again. I had to learn mostly from books and tried to pick projects that had only 1 new skill in them. Later I moved to where there was a yarn shop whose owner helped me learn a lot, then the internet came along and I’ve learned more.

So many interesting stories of how people learning to knit =D So back in Oct. 2007 I was working Part-Time at a Department store and I was talking to a woman when I saw a knitted sweater. I pointed to it and told her I had always wanted to learn how to knit. Well, turns out she knew how to knit. She offered to teach me and so for the next week when we had breaks she taught me how to cast on, knit, purl, and cast off. After that everything was learned from the internet.

I still have the swatches from when I was being taught to knit, both a garter swatch and a stockinette swatch.

Both swatches are from the 1st week when I just started learning how to knit. In fact the garter swatch is my learning swatch, the stockinette one came right after.

I started knitting in 2005. I don’t know why, exactly, just one day I decided I wanted to learn to knit. Actually, I think it stemmed from wanting specific styles for my kids and not being able to find what I wanted so I figured I’d learn to knit…My mom and dad got me my very first set of needles and skein of yarn, along with the Stitch N Bitch book for Christmas in 2005…I remember sitting in bed every night with a lamp attached to the headboard and reading SnB from page one with needles and yarn at the ready…I got along OK with garter but for some reason I just couldn’t get the hang of purling…That’s when I found this site…I swear, if not for Amy’s videos on here I probably would have cut up my skein of yarn and broken my needles :teehee:. Once I got the hang of the knit AND purl stitches, I swatched like crazy just to get used to the stitches. Once I got more comfortable with that I practiced mistakes…I’d intentionally make “mistakes” on my swatches just so I could get used to correcting them…It probably took me a lot longer to learn certain techniques than really necessary, but, it really worked for me because by the time I actually got to a project I was totally confident…Confident doesn’t mean neat though! :teehee: My first scarf looks like CRAP! The stitches are way too loose and the knitting is just all around sloppy lookin’…My daughter asked if she could have it as soon as I finished it and surprisingly, she still loves that hideous thing!

The first time I attempted to learn how to knit was during fall exams my third year of college (sooo, 3 years-ish). I am a very productive procrastinator. I went to Michaels at 8pm the night before an exam and bought a booklet and a set of needles (I had already been crocheting for over 10 years and had plenty of yarn in my stash). Unfortunately, I couldn’t make any sense of the book and went back to studying after a couple of days (not soon enough to save my physics exam grade, I’m afraid).

A few months later, during the next semester’s finals, I decided to try again. That’s when I found this website and videos of continental knitting! Been hooked ever since. I used to have a box of my practice swatches, but I think I tossed them when we moved.

My mom has been knitting for as long as I can remember and she tried to teach me when I was younger, but I couldn’t get the hang of it. It wasn’t until late February or early March of last year when a good friend had posted photos of her finished Dead Fish Hats on Facebook. I thought they were so cool and decided to teach myself how to knit so I could make one. I bought a beginner kit and a skein or 2 of yarn and found this site when I Googled videos on how to knit. I don’t have my first swatches because I frogged them all for projects, but I do remember that the stitches were a bit uneven. I tried to learn Continental based on advice on the 'net, but it just didn’t feel right to me. English is much easier and, like a previous poster, I also hold the yarn wrapped around my middle finger vs. my index finger.

My first project was a pair of ribbed wrist bands I gave to my sister. She loved them! I’ve since made several hats, a couple of scarves, a few felted purses, and a couple more pairs of wrist warmers. I’m now working on my first intarsia project–a baby blanket–and my first sweater–a Central Park Hoodie. Once those are finished, I’m going to teach myself two-at-a-time socks.

I still haven’t made myself a Dead Fish Hat but I’ll get there eventually!

Awww… I think it’s sweet that your daughter claimed your first project and that she still loves it. My first project was a boucle scarf that my mom claimed and has gone missing. I do however have the one I made myself (that I only finished last year due to many distractions) that looks just like it.

Isn’t that always how it is? I keep telling myself that I will make some 2-at-a-time socks after I finish my current projects. Well, I keep finishing projects but I always start something different and have yet to make a single sock. I’ve done 2aat fingerless gloves though, so at least I have the 2aat part down when I do finally make the socks.

[/B][COLOR=“Magenta”]I remember it was today and my work looks like [B][I][U]CRAP[/U][/I][/B] so if anyone has ANY IDEA what I can knit as a new knitter please tell me!!

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