Curious about the types of patterns others are interested in and why

I have been looking through the various topic and i have noticed that many of the items that people are working on are scarfs and blankets and of course traditional gift items all of which are beautiful. I seem to be going in the opposite direction i prefer toddler and baby gift items, women’s sweaters and shawls. Am i the odd ball out?

Nope. You’ll find a variety of projects from all the knitters here. I think people knit scarves and hats frequently because they tend to be quick and easy items. I like knitting shawls, socks, mittens, sweaters, dish scrubbies, scarves, hats, and just about anything that looks like fun. Lately my knitting has exposed me as the ultimate nerd! Since Christmas I have knitted the following:

  1. Bigger on the inside shawl (the top half is lace, the bottoms half is a row of TARDISes)
  2. a hat shaped like a Klein bottle and striped to the digits of Pi
  3. A pair of striped socks (inspired by the Doctor Who scarf)
  4. A screen-accurate season 12.5 Doctor Who scarf
  5. An afghan based on the Fibonacci sequence
  6. A pair of hobo gloves
  7. Two stuffed dragons
  8. A double knit dish towel with weeping angels on both sides–more Doctor Who! (I have plans that this will be part of a full kitchen set)
  9. A baby blanket (technically a shawl pattern) that looks like a diatom
  10. A baby blanket in a hexagon shape with a rainbow color fade
    Inserted between some of these are about a dozen dish scrubbies, 180 floating candles and 3 carved candles (I do more than knit, but mostly knit).

Next up…I haven’t decided yet. I’m still trying to finish the border to the dish towel. But I think another baby blanket for my neighbor’s son’s fiancé.


No not at all, I am the same way. I really don’t have the desire to knit an Afghan as it’s to heavy of a project for me due to arthritis and I have a short attention span lol. I tend to have several projects going at the same time so I don’t get bored with the things I am knitting :grinning:

Hope you did not take my post in a negative way it was not meant that way. I take my inspiration by many of the posts that I read. Thanks for replying and sharing your recent endeavors with me. A couple of patterns I have nevered try are gloves, stuffed animals and socks

Socks. I love knitting socks but mostly plain Jane vanilla socks because they’re more comfortable IMO and nearly mindless knitting. I just finished Skew which looks fiendishly difficult but isn’t. I knit tops and sweaters, hats and scarves, gloves and mittens. I have plans to make another dragon and Tiny Window Cats are fun, the ones I made went to Europe with my Granddaughter. I’ve got a shawl to wash and block and mail to a friend. I need new dishrags. I’m really getting interested in lace and can’t decide which one to use on my WIP top sleeves. The list goes on. And I crochet too, mostly afghans and baby blankets, and that’s much faster.

ETA You asked why. It catches my fancy. I want it. Someone asks for it. My why’s. :smirk:

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I also crochet mainly blankets a few sweaters and shawls. I have blankets that are in many shapes they are fun to work on. One of the biggest differences ifind between knitting and crochet is when you make a mistake, it is so much easier to rip it out

I make mostly sweaters both adult and baby ones. I like all sorts of patterns, the more unusual the construction, the better.
Well and then there are hats. I like hats too and baby blankets and…well the list just goes on and on.

I have to agree with you regarding the fact that the more unusual the construction the more interesting and fun it is to work on it. If you are looking for something interesting to work on there is a great pattern for either sex, and aged 6 months to 3 yrs it is a free pattern . The name of the pattern is Bernat softee baby jean jacket set to knit. This is one of the outfits that I am currently on.

I’ve seen that and it’s adorable. Thanks for the tip.

I am currently makng it. I am making the jacket in a yellow, white and green ombre, the skirt in a pale yellow and the pants in a pale green. I founf the jyarn through Herrschners, they were selling all 3 8oz each as a unit for 9 dollars. The yarn worsted 8ox baby yarn and is easy to work with. They have is a few other color combinations that i want to purchase

Nope. I prefer smaller things. When I’ve nothing to specific to work on I usually make stash hats for charity. Right now though I’m awaiting my first grandchild (a girl!) so I’ve made a few hats and now working on a sweater. It won’t fit for awhile so I may make a Minnie Mouse hat for the shower soon! I’ve always loved making baby things.

Hi - I also do toys, baby sweaters, bags, - anything that takes my fancy - so no you are not the odd ball out!!

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Hmm…toys that is something I have never tried

I knit dishcloths, coaster sets, and I have knitted one pair of slipper socks. I mainly knit dishcloths and coaster sets, but I like to learn new things. I am interested in knitting hats and more socks, along with scarves and other things that can be knitted. I also have been thinking of knitting doll clothes. Do you also need a doll to try the doll clothes on, or not?

Right now I’m making myself a hoodie, by taking a basic men’s jumper pattern, then winging it on the hood (winging it with a great deal of planning and thought, of course!)

I’m into knitting things that I need. So jumper right now, a few cushion covers lately for my new couch and I am thinking about researching some knitted slippers cause my feet are cold today, and I need to learn knitting in the round.

I like knitting from vintage patterns. Recent projects have included an all over cable knit cardigan in Alpaca for my wife with crocheted edges (Vogue 1950s), a waistcoat and sleeveless cable pullover (for myself and my son) from a pattern found in a charity shop (c. 1960). I stopped knitting for about a year while I was focusing on a number of tailoring projects but have started again and am currently working on a pair of cable knit socks from a vintage pattern I found on the net. I am recovering from heart surgery and have found the knitting to be very therapeutic. It has given me something constructive to do and helped restore my concentration and fine motor skills.

I like cabling and other three dimensional effects, both from the appearance and the technical challenge it presents. Given the economics of the modern garment trade, it seems next to impossible to making anything by hand that can’t be bought more cheaply, so I like to make distinctive garments, to use interesting yarns and to try to get a good fit in the finished item. For both my wife’s cardigan and my waistcoat I modified the patterns based on measurements which I took before starting.


I like novelty items and toys, dolls, octopuses, cats, blanket patches (got a few I want to do, based on video game/cartoon characters - all the patches will be knitted pictures and one will have a cable border), wash cloths, Barbie/Ken doll clothes (the more outlandish the better!), Christmas stockings with my own designs. Novelty tea cosies… I like hats, gloves and scarves too, but I mostly make them to give to charity.
I collect patterns of almost anything and everything. I won’t do shawls/lace because I’m not keen on lace knitting and nobody I know wears that kind of stuff.