Curious about spinning

I have a few questions. My daughter learned a little about spinning at the local history museum once and loved it.

Where do you get the fiber to spin, and how much goes how far? :?? I’ve looked a little online and found mostly yarns that were already spun or information on how to raise animals and harvest their wool. :whoosh:

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Ooh, I’ve bought fiber from a bunch of places. Usually, if you’re buying it with the intention of spinning without any further preparation, you want to look for roving or top. Ebay has both for sale (I like CopperMoose). Etsy has roving, and there are sites like, spunky eclectic, crown mountain farms, paradise fibers, the list is long :teehee:

The amount of fiber compared to the amount of yarn depends on how fine you spin it (fingering, worsted, etc.) and how many plies you put into it.


I aslo found that once I got into it a little, it was worthwhile to buy some different fibers to experiment with. While I love knitting with wool, I have discevered that I enjoy spinning silk and alpaca as well. You can buy very small amounts from some sources and combine shipping. Its a good way to play with different fibers.

Check your local sheep farmers. Many are out and about during the fall at fairs, harvest festivals. There may even be a local fleece/fiber festival in your area this time of year. They are a treasure trove of information and affordable fleece and roving.

Pretty much all my fleece and roving is from local farmers and it definitely helps keep the costs down. You’ll probably want roving or batts that you can spin right away. I would opt for more ‘sticky’ wool like Romney or Hampshire. These also don’t felt too easily so you’ll have a little bit leeway when washing your finished object.For beginner spinners, you may want to pick up pencil roving, which is easier to work with.

I just picked up a batch of unwashed Romney for $8/lb. I can usually get wool prepared into roving for $12 to $20/lb depending on the breed.

What is roving?

Roving is preprocessed “ropes” of fiber that are essentially ready-to-spin. Like on here:

All you need to do is pull off a length, pull it a bit to loosen it, and spin away.

I have ordered from The Sheep Shed. They sell mill ends from Brown Sheep. Carol is just super and the rovings are good quality and reasonably priced-- $5-7.50/lb.

amy in ne

So say I want to spin a worsted weight 2-ply yarn what kind of yield do you get. How much roving do you need say for a scarf or a sweater?


Handspun tends to be a bit heavier than commercially spun yarn, but you can use it as a rule of thumb, then add a little weight. i.e. a 100g (about 3.5 oz.) hank of worsted weight yarn is usually about 200 yards. but 100g of sock yarn is usually 350+ yards. The finer the yarn, the more yardage you will get per ounce.

But again, handspun is heavier, especially when you are a new spinner! I can get 200 yards of worsted from 4oz of fiber now, but I couldn’t when I was just starting. :slight_smile:

That’s helpful! Thanks!


Thanks to everyone! :happydance:I may venture out into spinning later on. I’d probably need to take some classes first. :stuck_out_tongue:

Blaise the best way is to check for a local store, guild or for a fiber festival near you so you can try out some different spindles and wheels. Spinning is one of those things that just has to be done. Practice makes perfect kind of things. I’m just going into my 5th month of spinning and will be takeing my first classes at the end of this month. This way I have a feel for my wheel and some types of fiber etc… now I can refine my skill and learn some new stuff.

Good Luck!