Curious about cables and charts

Just came across this pattern for soft baby blocks. I’ve never done cables before. After looking at the charts, I don’t see where the symbols are explained. Is there standard notation for cable charts?

(If you don’t want to see the whole pattern, one of the charts is found here)

And, is reading a cable chart as simple as starting at “1,” reading left, and then right again?

Yes, to read any chart that you knit flat, you start at the lower right and read to the left on the first row, then read the 2nd row left to right. Unless otherwise stated, and for circular knitting you would read all rows right to left.

And I can’t read cable charts so really don’t know where to find a standard key, but I’m sure someone else will be along to let you know where to find one.

I would also think there would be a symbol key. Have you tried contacting the site? Or contacting the author-the link for Randam House Publishing is at the bottom of the pattern and the author’s name is Melissa Leapman You might be able to get a response.

I have a book by Rowan, that left out the chart for a color work pattern, and I had to go online for it. So mistakes like that do happen.

Good luck!

I am interested in doing cables too and wasn’t sure how to read a chart ( is it true that Jared floods designs are chart? or are they both?). Is there a place to find out? are all charts symbols the same? I figured it was ok to ask these questions on this blog because it relates to the header…sorry if I misplaced it!:aww:

ps cool blocks! are they for your little one?

Most pattern writers use standard symbols for charts, but usually provide a key. I’ve only seen Jared’s patterns on his blog (this is a forum btw, not a blog) and they’ve been written out or mostly.

these may help decifer the charts.

Thank you for those links. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, and The Encyclopedia of Knitting Techniques looks like a wonderful resource for future projects. Definitely keeping that book in my online library!

Hookedonknitting, there is a group of Jared Flood supporters on Ravelry called Brooklyn Tweed. I asked the question there for you and so far have gotten one reply. The gal said she thought he used more charts than written directions. I looked around on the site a little too and read a few posts and found them talking about charts a lot.

I don’t think you can depend on charts to have “standard” symbols. There are some that are widespread, but not everyone uses the same ones. Barbara Walker uses some of the symbols that were on that chart Jan gave, but she has some of her own. Always look for an explanation for the symbols, a good pattern will have them somewhere.

Very cute pattern by the way.
At the very bottom of the pattern it shows the book from which the pattern is in. It also says that it is a excerpted from the Continuous Cables by Melissa Leapman.
Maybe you could get the book at your local library or contact the author.
Just a thought it is again a very cute pattern.