Curiosity - just wondering

Has anyone ever knit a jumper (sweater) out of sock yarn?? Imagine it would take AGES…

Here’s a sweater made out of sock yarn. Just think–it doesn’t take many balls to complete!

I would probably loose patience and never finish it, I have a nearly finished cardigan I knit last year, but I gave up at the sleeves, I hate sleeves. That jumper would take me ages to do!

I think that’s where having more than one project OTN would help. Work on the sweater til bored then pick up socks or scarf or whatever and work on for awhile.

Yikes, that would take ages! But sometimes it’s fun to have a big project going with a few little ones. For me, right now, I wouldn’t knit anything with sock yarn but socks or something small like wrist warmers.

Ha ha, I also have a pair of socks I started two years ago - my mum decided to “help” me and made a mistake. I couldn’t face frogging it back so I put it in a bag and forgot about it. I keep meaning to finish that too… I finish things with interesting stitches like lace or cables cos it holds my interest long enough - but sleeves …:sleepy:

That’s when I knit and read the posts here, or watch a movie.

I am easily bored too. I have three things going right now. When I first started (not too long ago) I would only knit one thing at a time. It makes me happier to have several things going though.

[SIZE=2]OK I was pondering (as a future project) knitting thermal in something lik[/SIZE][SIZE=2][COLOR=Black]e “[/COLOR][/SIZE][FONT=Verdana][SIZE=2][COLOR=Black]Schoppel Bamboo 4 ply Sock Yarn” or something similar as the recommended yarn isn’t available here - good idea???

I like to do my mindless knitting, such as sleeves, when I’m watching TV, sitting in a waiting room, or on a long road trip. THat way, I can get some knitting done, without having to take a bunch of stuff with me.

My LYS just got the cutest sweater pattern in…uses sock yarn and size 1 needle…I’m so tempted to try it cause it’s so cute…but I have a sweater on size 15s that I started over a year ago…:teehee:

I almost bought DK weight (wait, I DID) to make my DD (she’s 4) a cardigan-on size two (that’s what I needed to get gauge) needles…then at home, when I came around, lol-I took the yarn back and traded it for something much heftier. :mrgreen:

I do, however, like that sweater on Knitty…:teehee: (stop me!! lol)

With DK weight you could use size 5 or 6, maybe 4s. But 2s…? That’s pretty dense.

Traditional Fair Isle sweaters are made with 2-ply jumper weight yarn, which is considered fingering weight–same as socks. Changing the colors and following the color pattern takes away the tedious side of knitting a sweater with that weight yarn.