Cupcake Hat, Baby Bunny Hat, Ballet Camisole

Baby Hats all over the place!

Cupcake Hat (colors in the first pic are better. I gave up trying to make a dang pompom so I spun funfur around my fingers and made a ball. Looks cute, I think.)

Bunny Hat (I picked up the wrong pink yarn and now it fits my 2 year old! Will make a second one with the thinner yarn for the baby. Also, note that I’m aware of my incredibly bad sewing abilities. One more dang ear to sew together!)

:roflhard: I just noticed my ellipitcal is in the background!

Progress on the ballet camisole.

Please disregard my thighs. Obviously, I need to use my elliptical more :o

That cupcake hat is gorgeous!!! It almost makes me sad that I don’t have a little one anymore! My youngest is 9 but acts like a teenager.

I’m not a sewer either. (I have a purse to line, and I’m not sure I’m capable of doing it well!) Your bunny ear looks like it’s holding on there well enough though!

I have an elliptical as well. Love that thing!

Oh Vickie -

The hat is so cute. I love it! WHo did you make it for???


Everything looks great!:cheering::cheering::cheering:

Oh, I should’ve mentioned! DOH! My cousin had her first baby last week so I’m all knitting hats because they’re quick and cute.

My husband was laughing at me saying he knows I won’t send it because it’s too cute. I’ll show him :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll simply make another :roflhard: it only took 2 hours while watching t.v. and I have OODLES of the yarns left.

Rhonda, I :heart: my elliptical too. I don’t hate cardio anymore, which is miraculous!

That cupcake hat looks good enough to eat! :slight_smile:

Adorable!!! :inlove: I love them all. Where is the cupcake hat pattern from? I think I’ve seen it, but I can’t seem to remember…

I really hope my best friend has a girl because I soooo need to make both of those hats!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Brandilyne, Here is the pattern for the cupcake hat. It’s for ages 1-4 years, but I just made the pink part shorter, for a newborn. I didn’t bother adjusting the bottom because it’s ribbed and gathers up well.

very cute!!! (the one eared bunny gave me a giggle…)

Thanks [B]Vicky[/B]! I love it! I think I’m going to make it with either pale yellow ([I]lemon[/I]) icing or perhaps even just white/cream. That way, if she has a boy, as a tiny infant he can still wear it, even if it’s way high on the cutesy scale :slight_smile: Then if it’s a girl, I can make another version in pink and glitz it up with some sprinkles, hee.

Thanks so much for the pics and the pattern! I think I’m going to have to make the bunny one too!

Brandilyne, it’s SUCH a quick knit! It took me 2 hours while watching tv. You could theoretically start it after she has the baby and you know which sex it is, and it’ll be done by the time visiting hours begin :smiley:

I’d love to see it in lemon! or MINT! I’m getting hungry :pout:

(the one eared bunny gave me a giggle…)

:roflhard: Poor bunny!

The hat looks precious. I love the colors chosen. As far as sewing, I despise it, but that is because i can’t sew. Bummer, but the bunny ears look good as well.

Happy knitting.

Hi!! I have been searching for a bunny hat pattern and love yours! Can you point me to the pattern?? Thank you so much!

Good enough to eat!!

Those are so cute. I especially like the bunny hat!

Too cute!!! BOTH of them! I love that cupcake hat - almost wish I had one little enough to wear one (my baby is 18 now :frowning: ).