Cup cozy

a knit along for people who are not very good yet, or just if u want to stash bust, it would be nice to see people come up with there owne patterns and with something this simple that shouldnt be hard to do.(hears hopeing i get some knitting friends)
hear are some patterns if you would rather just copy, and im sure there are lots more if you look

A cozy for my coffee and tea mugs would be great! I tend to prepare a cup and then forget about it until it’s cold. Using a cozy might actually give me the opportunity to drink a warm bevvie! Thanks, hob!

I’m in! I was just thinking I had to go warm up my coffee… The craftster pattern is what I will try. now to find the right yarn… Thanks for the idea! Have you started yet? Marykz

I’ve made these for a vegan cafe that doesn’t want to use those throw away paper holder thingys to keep your hands from getting burnt on the paper cup. I made them in acrylic so they were vegan and reusable.

yes i have statred mine i started thismoring on my tea brake, and im all most done! yay! ill havea photo up for you soon as i can, but i want to see yours aswell.i think im gonna make a few as they are so quick and people keep saying hmm what a good idear(hint hint).im so glad you are making a cup cozy as well. welcome to the cup cozy club! i can not wait to see what you come up with,have fun.

this is fun! I made one for my travel mug (taller and skinnier than usual mug) and now I’m doing the more traditional. I wanted something washable, so Im using the standby yarn- Caron simply soft… pics later! have a great day! MKZ

EDIT for lousy picture of travel mug cozy- better ones later…

and now a hot cup of tea is safe thanks to the cup cozy!!! tell me what u think…but only if its i want to see your one’s.

Here’s 2- these are fun quick knits… I personalized mine with M’s… one for me (Mary) and one for my friend Mara.

Hob- did you figure out your picture problem?


no i didnt… but mothes days coming up (in the uk you yanks are all diffrent with the date- m could be for mam. nice to see your pic tho.

try hear?