Cuffed Slippers

I’m knitting the Cuffed Slippers by Barbara Breiter. The pattern says to Repeat Rows 2 and 3 30 more times (16 ridges).
What is a “ridge”? Also, I repeated rows 2 and 3 30 more times (each row was knitted 30 times, alternately) and the slipper was ridiculously huge and used up nearly an entire skein of yarn. After working on this for two weeks I had to tear it back. Can anyone help me with this? I just want a slipper sock.

Two rows of garter stitch make 1 ridge. So 32 rows would make 16 ridges - the first 2 row then repeating them for 30 rows. The instructions are a little ambiguous saying that you repeat the 2 rows 30 more times - that would make 31 ridges, so that’s why they said you should have 16 ridges. Rip out about half what you’ve done until there’s 16 ridges on each side.

I really appreciate your reply.

I meant to say that if you repeat row 2 and 3 30 more times, that gives you 32 rows, which is 16 ridges, so the pattern is fine.