Cuff Opinions

I’m making a sweater (This one)
I finished the sleeves but they were too long because I’m a fool. I successfully backed up and now I’m making sure everything will even out.
Here’s the question. I’m not in love with how the cuffs worked with the 2x2 rib from the pattern. Anyone have an idea on another way to end my sleeves? I’m wondering about a nice tiny lacy thing, or something that might go with the Broken Rib pattern on the body. Or maybe I just need to end them without a ribbing end and leave them openish. I like bell sleeves and other kinds that flair at the end and are a little longer (But not as long as I thought I wanted them.

Maybe some broken rib at the cuff? Something to keep the stockinette sleeve from curling.
I agree that the 2x2 rib isn’t so great here.