Cucumber Pepsi?

I just read about it and I want to try some sooo bad. Unfortunately, it’s only sold in Japan. Anybody else dying to try this or am I a weirdo? :teehee:

That actually doesn’t sound so bad (coming from me, the pickiest eater in the world, this is big!). Cucumber is quite refreshing and not too strong tasting. On the other hand, I don’t think that they will try to market it here.


I want to try it!




In China…and I think it’s Lays…sell cucumber flavoured chips (potato crisps). Look it up on google…you’ll see all sorts of odd flavours!

I want to try it! I love cukes.

Sounds interesting, it could be good.

That sounds weird, but to each his own.

I just read in the People magazine that the latest craze is to make [B][COLOR=Red]Koolickles[/COLOR][/B].

They are pickles that are submerged in a pitcher of Kool-Aid for 24 hours. The trend started in the Mississippi delta (always gonna be rednecks finding something interesting to do with kool-aid and spam :teehee:).


I guess I shouldn’t knock it until I try it.

Not so sure about the Koolickles but if someone offered me one, I’d probably try it. I guess I just want to try the Pepsi because cucumbers are my fave veg. They taste and smell so clean and fresh. Yummy!

And we thought regular Pepsi made you burp!:achoo::rofling:


Victoise… that is so funny that you call them cukes … my dad used to call them that too…:teehee::teehee::teehee:

Anybody else dying to try this or am I a weirdo?

Well, I’d never call you a weirdo…to each her own. :lol:

But why would anyone want to ruin a perfectly good cucumber by putting it in Pepsi? Ew! :ick:

:ick: I’m usually an adventurous eater, but I don’t think I would like cucumber flavored anything except cucumbers. Ironically, I make bath & body products and cucumber is one of my favorite candle fragrances.



Hehe, Cucumber flavored pepsi isn’t half as bizarre as Turkey and stuffing soda, or mashed potatoes and gravy, or corn, or cranberry sauce. These are flavors put out by a company called Jones Soda, for those that don’t know. I usually pick up a set and put them out to see who’s dumb enough to take it and drink it.:roflhard: Oh, and if you don’t believe me, check this link out.

Dang, there goes my master plan. :roflhard:

I’d try it :heart:! I’m not a big fan of Pepsi tho (too sweet). I love raw cukes, cuke spears in my iced tea and in lemonade, as well as in the occasional Bloody Caesar. :eyes:


Hey, I grew up in south AL. I can say it in all fairness. :wink:

Ok…there’s something gross about drinking your turkey and gravy. I don’t plan on doing that until I’m 90 and have no teeth left.


I’m in the MS delta, I can confirm that! :ick: