Cubics size

Hi everyone, just wondering how you mark your cubics size since the imprinted size wears off? Am thinking i’ll shift to the dreamz for the color coding

It doesn’t say on the needle? Maybe they have a special gauge to measure square needles?

I just use a needle gauge for my options. It’s easy. Plus I have them organized by size in my needle case so as long a I put them back inthe right slot I’m usually fine,

My Sunstrucks don’t have sizes marked at all and the ones I have from WEBS that are marked, I can’t read because it’s so small. I’ve been trying to come up with a way to color code the metal part of the join so I can at least be sure to pull out a matching set. I marked sizes on the slots of the plastic thing I keep them in but always double check the size with a gauge to be sure.

Use a needle gauge, GG. And always put your needles back in the same container/slot if you remember.

I have a couple of these needle cases. I love them! They fold up small and fit in my knitting bag. Next time I get one I’m going to have her iron on the size numbers.

The Cubics needles (at least the ones from Webs) are standard sizes and can be measured using any needle gauge sizer thingy (official name, I’m sure) that you’d normally use for round needles.

I was using my Cubics and the the Magic Loop knitting a hat and the one in my right hand snapped in two right where the wood met the metal join. I emailed Webs about it and they are sending me a new pair of needles.

My first fixed Cubics set was not smooth at the join and they replaced it, no problem. I didn’t like it quite enough to get more. Good thing there are different styles of needles for different people.

I own a few pairs of Cubics circs. You can measure them in a normal needle sizer. In this case, you can fit a square into a round! :teehee:

The ‘corner’ points of the Cubics determine the diameter of the needle. The stitches will ‘knit to’ the size of the needle which [I]is determined by those 4 corners.
Think of it as a US8 round needle that has been ‘planed’ to make it US8 square. The extra (shaved off) wood is in the the wastebasket.

Here is a photo of my US8 Cubics circ. It fits perfectly into the US8 hole of my needle sizer. Conversely, it won’t fit into the US7 hole past the tip at all. And it is way too small for the US9 hole.

I constantly have to measure my KnitPicks nickel plated needle tips to be sure of size, and same goes for the Harmony needle tips. It’s just one of the little annoying things about KP needle tips.

On the other hand…the Addi Clicks tips do have the size written on them…but it becomes so faint over use and time…that you have to measure them in the needle sizer as well. Gah.