Has anyone here been there? My husband and I are planning a trip and just can’t decide where to go, but we have been hearing lots of good stuff about Cuba. I’m just wondering if anyone has been there and how there experince was? I heard you don’t want anything less than a 4 star hotel or it can be quit gross.

Sorry…no clue. Although I’ve been watching some programs on History Channel about how it was the place to go before Castro. I believe it’s illegal for U.S. Americans to go there now. :confused:

I was wondering if it was illegal for US citizens to travel there. I’m a Canadian so there is no trouble for us to travel there, but it wasn’t something I was considering till people started telling us how nice it is.

I’ve never been to Cuba myself but know many people who did and they loved it. I think you are right though, go to a reputable hotel. I would suggest reading reviews too, many travel websites will have a section where people can comment on their experience.

I know some Americans go to Cuba by going through Canada or Mexico first. Supposedly, the Cuban government doesn’t stamp passports, so Americans traveling to Cuba don’t risk to be prosecuted by the U.S. government. This being said, it’s still illegal and Americans do it at their own risk.

Thank you for the comment, I will try to find some reviews and see how other peoples experience was. :slight_smile:

Yep, Amercans aren’t allowed to travel there (also illegal to posses Cuban cigars). :sad:

I have heard that it is really nice… Have Fun!

Yep illegal for Americans to travel there but there are ways you can do it. Fly to mexico then book a trip to cuba - they don’t stamp your passport when you arrive / leave.

My brother went last year. You also can’t fly there from any American city so you have to go via South America or Canada.

mulene did your brother enjoy himself while he was there?

Cuba is The Hot Spot right now and it will just get moreso.
I have a very dear friend who is 86 and continually writes articles about his time in Cuba, waaaaaay back in the '50s when he had a band and was a dancer.

Cubans are fantastic people, very friendly and like to party.
I’m not so sure, well, I wouldn’t need a 4 star hotel myself, I think there are probably hotels that are nice that aren’t that… expensive but then again it’s your choice. I don’t think it’s gross or dirty there (although they had no access to soap for years! true story)

You’ll find a bunch of stuff on the Internet I’m sure.
Here’s a great site I just found:

Wow, now you’ve got me interested… check this site out, it’s incredible!

Yep he LOVED it

It’s a very ‘touristy’ place - but one day, I’ll get to the Floridita and have a look where Hemingway bar-propped.

Sorry - I meant the Floridita was touristy - not Cuba.

Why would anyone want to go to Cuba… Have you heard that people are risking their lives… dying… to get out of Cuba? Maybe if you are a rich foreigner staying at an expensive hotel you will not see the filth, poverty and persecution of the Cuban people… talk to any of the refugees living in Florida who have relatives still in Cuba… they will give you the truth about Cuba…

Let’s keep this friendly even if we have a different opinions.

Visiting is a lot different than living there, Pat. I’ve known Canadians who visited Cuba and loved it. It’s supposed to be a fascinating place! I would love to see an photograph some of those old buildings!

One thing I do when thinking about visiting somewhere new is search for photos. I use Smugmug right now and I searched for Cuba. Beautiful!!

everywhere in the world people have problems with poverty, oppression and many other local government caused issues. Doesn’t stop us visiting the countries to experience the country and at least put some money into the economy.

I’d also like to visit Tibet, China, Vietnam, Peru, Iran, and the arctic!

those links are just fantastic thank you everyone. Now I’m off to look at some pictures. :muah::cheering:

Sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings about Cuba… it was not meant that way!!! Living in Fla has given me a different take on the situation… sorry…

I think we do have a whole different perspective living in Florida. I know the first thing I thought of when I saw this thread was “are you crazy!!!”. :roflhard: It’s neat to see it through other’s eyes though.

My sister lived in Cuba for 6 months and she loved it. She said it’s totally different than the way it’s portrayed here in the news. I also have a cousin that went to Cuba about 3 years ago. She liked it so much that she decided to stay and she married a cuban. She works for the Barcelo hotels in Cuba. I haven’t been to Cuba myself so I can only speak thru their experience. Also, my neighbor is going to Cuba in November and she is really excited about it.