Csting off sts not at beg of row...

knitted (Painted Green Vest) Have knitted the back up to where it says shape the neck.Work 24 sts.Attach second ball,of yarn and bind off centre 16 sts .Work to end. Working both sides at once;bind off from each neck edge 5 sts once, 3sts once and two sts once.

To bind off the 5 sts at each neck edge I have the wrong side of my work facing. I knitted. If I bind them off then
I still have the last st. on my needle and need to go over to the other “shoulder” section to do the 5 cast off sts from
that side. How should this be done.? . I hope I`ve made myself clear. Thank you for any help.

Work the wrong side (WS) row to the end, the neck edge. Call this shoulder 2.
Bind off 5sts at the beginning of the other shoulder, shoulder 1, then finish that row. Turn and work the RS row of shoulder 1 up to the neck edge. On shoulder 2, bind off 5sts and finish the row. Continue in this way for the other bind offs.

The bind offs won’t be on exactly the same row but they’ll be so close that it won’t be noticeable.