Crystalites loose knitting question

i just bought some new needles Crystalites acrylic in a kit… size 8, 9, 10, 10½… foolishly i gave my favorite size 10 needles to my sister when i bought these… im not sure if its the yarn im useing (red heart super saver multicolor purples) or the needles… but im working far looser than i ever have… no matter how tight i pull it its still loose and it makes me sad
do you think it might be the needles? or the yarn? or just me?.. im normally a tight knitter and crocheter… maybe im cursed for buying needles just becuase they were pretty colors :?


I think you might be on to something here. I’ve been learning on metal needles and started using plastic tonight and have noticed a difference in my knitting as well.

Are you using a different yarn than you’re used to, as well? If so, maybe that’s the culprit!


i dont know… i almost always use red heart… (they usely have the prettiest colors)… so thats not diffrent… these needles are the same as my other ones in size and shape but they feel diffrent… im going to have to fight my sister for my other ones back… :shock: