Crystal Palace vs Brittany DPN's

I have a size 2 set of Brittany and Crystal palace DPN’s and I have a project on each set. Is it my imagination or are the Crystal palace ones much better? I always thought the Brittany’s were fine and have a few sets. I went to get another set and the LYS didn’t have the size I wanted in Brittany so I got Crystal Palace - and I LOVE them and want more !!! I’ve never been a huge fan of wood needles b/c I feel like they “hold” the yarn too much. Figured that was just b/c I was used to knitting on all my inherited metal needles that are so slick. Now that I’ve used the Crystal Palace I feel like I can never go back…but they are twice as much $$ as the Brittany’s.

I also love Crystal Palace Products… they have a great slick coating to them. They are also bamboo rather than wood which may contribute to the difference.

I mostly have Clover Bamboo DPNs. I bought a set of Brittanys from my LYS for the same reason–they only carried the size I needed with the Brittany’s. I didn’t care for them much. I haven’t tried Crystal Palace, but I love the Clover needles. They do “stick” to the yarn somewhat too, but I like that because when I’m using DPNs on metal needles, I always ended up having one slide out of the stitches.