Crystal lattice beanie

Hi there, I have another hat pattern and I’m stuck on the last stitch I don’t know how it suppose to go! Well actually it says slip the last stitch on row 12 so I’m confused what would the last stitch be? That last stitch is suppose to be p1 off cn! And continue on to row 13 and that first stitch is s1pw wyib! I got the pattern on Ravelry!! Here’s a picture of the hat!!

Thanks for any help!

But it doesn’t work out that way

Well actually it’s the last stitch I’m having trouble with it says p1 off cn but also says slip the last stitch! I’m so confused please help!! Thanks

Great looking hat!

The last stitch of round 12 is p1 off the cn but instead of that, slip that stitch to the right needle. This is the shift one stitch to the right that the notes talk about. Move the marker in between this slipped stitch.
The next stitch on the left needle is the knit tbl stitch from the last round. Now start round 13 with the sl1pw wyib.
It seems that the best advice may be in the initial note where it recommends essentially trading the places of the last stitch of the round and the first stitch of the next round.
I’ll give this a try on the needles and see how it goes.

ETA: Instead of purling the last stitch off the cable needle, slip it to the right hand needle, slip the marker and start the next round (13) with slipping the knit stitch wyib. There are lots of notes but it seams to me that the important point is to keep the knit stitches of the two stitch cables marching in the lattice. Sometimes that will cross the beginning of round marker.

Thanks so very much! I got a bit confused on this round, hopefully I’ll get it worked out now thanks to you! :wink:

Good luck with it. There seem to be excess notes, explanations and caveats. Keep watching the stitch pattern and you should be fine. If not come back and ask some more.
And thanks for letting us know about this very pretty hat.

I notice on the the photo of this hat that the travelling slipped stitched weave over, under, over, but that the 4th crossover of each seems incorrect, it passes over when I’d expect it to pass under. It’s something that most likely wouldn’t be noticable when wearing the hat but which would niggle at me. Could this be the row in question I wonder?

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That’s a good thought. It certainly looks like the original knitter lost the pattern after the first repeat or repeat and a half. All the twisted knits should cross left in the first tier then cross right in the second. The other example on the Ravelry page has it correctly done.
But the problem is making sure the lattice cross occurs without interruption when it occurs at the beginning of round marker. The chart shows this cross for rounds 8 and 12.


It could very well be but I can’t seem to get it correct,just when I thought I had row 8 accomplished it still didn’t add up with row 12!! So I don’t really know if it’s something I’m doing wrong or what!! But I’ve tried so many different times and still get the same outcome!! I am disappointed though bc I really love this hat pattern! Thank you

Exactly right! I can’t read the chart though,never could! Thank you :hibiscus:

OK, if you’re willing to try one more thing, how about this:
The repeat for round 12 is
slst to cn hold in front, p1, kbl1 off cn, p2, slst to cn, hold in back, kbl1, p1 off cn

Take off your beginning of round marker for now. You can put a pin where it would go on the row one or two below. You can either slip that last p1 off the cable needle onto the right hand needle or go ahead and purl it. My sample looks like this:

The stitch being slipped off the cable needle is the one with the red arrow (I’m slipping between left and right needles in the photo). Purl the next stitch and continue with round 13 where the ktbl are slipped and the next 2 purls purled:
Round 13 : sl1p wyib, p2, sl1p wyib, p2 repeat to beginning.

The important thing with this pattern is to keep the lattice crossing using the 2stitch cables. Try not to stress over the pattern notes. You’ve come this far on a very pretty hat. I’m sure you’ll be able to finish!


Wow! That will help tremendously i will definitely give it another go! Thank you so kindly and I will let you know later how it goes! It may not be today though probably tomorrow! My goodness you’re too sweet! Thanks again dear :hibiscus:

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So glad to hear that you are back on track! It’s a great looking hat. Enjoy finishing it and do post a photo so we can see yours.

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This is just practice yarn for now lol

Good idea to use the practice yarn. Looks good so far.
Slip the next stitch purlwise (blue dot below) to the right needle. Purl the next stitch (red dot). Slip the last stitch, the purl stitch before the marker (yellow dot) to a cable needle hold in back. Remove the marker. Slip the next stitch, the knit stitch, replace marker, purl the stitch from cable needle then purl the next 2sts and continue the round.

Ravelry is where I got this pattern! I think a couple of rows are incorrect though! I could be wrong though lol

I’m thinking you’re probably right :blush:

There isn’t a problem noted but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one. When something like this happens, it helps to look at your knitting.
There are rounds where there are 2 purls between the Vs that form the lattice.
There are rounds where the two Vs are next to each other and there are 4 purls between the Vs. On the next round the Vs cross.
Keep that pattern in mind as you knit and watch the spacing rather than reading the pattern. When you come to the beginning of round marker, the pattern will change but you should just be sure that the spacing of purls is the same for the round.

(As far as the cable crosses of the Vs as Creations mentioned, just be consistent. If you want all of the Vs to cross in the same direction, make sure you hold the stitch on the cable needle either to the front for a left cross or to the back for a right cross.)

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Well do and thanks so much for your help! I have one full complete round done well 1-13 and looks good! But there’s one more thing I’d like to know I’ve seen this on Ravelry forum chat someone mentioned it would be two consecutive rows together if you do a repeat of 1-13 and she said it probably be best to do the repeats as 2-13 does that sound right to you? Thanks once again :two_hearts::two_hearts:

Yes, the repeat should then be rounds 2-13.

Round 13 has 2 purls between the slipped V sts. Round 2 will then bring the Vs next to each other getting ready eventually for round 4 where the Vs cross.