Cryptic Wording; Sweater neckline/shoulder bind off; HELP!



I’m having some difficulty deciphering this pattern’s instructions, normally I’m good, watch a few videos, have a eureka! moment, life’s goes on… Not today. I have a feeling something was left out in translation as it was originally in German.
I’ve knitted the entire back section fine up until the shoulder and neck shaping bits, which read as;
“For the shoulder shaping, bind off from each shoulder edge 10 stitches at beginning of next 6 rows and 7 stitches at beginning of next 2 rows. (Will be a tiered/stepped, bind off, got that )
AT THE SAME TIME (as what?!?!?), for the neck shaping, bind off the center 21 stitches and working both sides at once, bind off from each neck edge 7 stitches once and 5 stitches once.”

I understand the need for a second ball of yarn to work both sides at once, but WHEN does that start? On the first row of 6 when I’m binding off 10 each time for the shoulder, on the last 2 rows of the shoulder when I’m binding off 7 each time, somewhere in the middle that I should magically know about??

Help interpreting would be appreciated!


Hi, It reads to me that when you bind off 10 sts from the shoulder edge for the first time, you work up to the center 21 sts to be cast off. Here, you can either continue with the same yarn to cast off the center 21 sts and continue with this ball of yarn for the left side(with rs facing you) adding a new ball when you turn and reach the left shoulder sts(with ws facing you,after the center you cast off) ,or you can add the new ball of yarn to cast off the center 21 sts and use the new ball to work all decreases to the left(with rs facing you) and use the original ball to work all the decreases to the right.
Either way, to answer your question, it starts from the very next row!!
Hope this helps