[SIZE=4][COLOR=darkolivegreen]I left the sweater that I was knitting at work. [/COLOR][/SIZE]

:zombie: I’m sorry, that’s a bummer.

:figureditout: Guess you’ll have to start something new!

I’m itching to. I’m going to go through my statch.

That stinks that you left it at work… but :happydance: on starting something new!!

:figureditout: Guess you’ll have to start something new![/quote]

Knitter’s logic :cheering:

So sorry! Start something new. It will be fun and how happy will you be in the morning when you see your old friend waiting for you at work.

Situations like this, I think, are the best time to do a mini stash-buster project. It won’t take a lot of time (instant gratification, anyone?), and you won’t become hooked on it and end up putting off your original project in order to work on it. The problem is, as Alice says, “I give myself very good advice but I very seldom follow it.”

Lol, at this point in my knitting career, I sometimes wonder if I am at equal parts tears and stitches! At least it didn’t involve frogging and gives you an excuse to get another project OTN. Knit on!

Hey, look on the bright side - you have work you can take your knitting to :happydance: I sit all day at my computer and sometimes find myself imagine i’m knitting lol.

Well, I hope that by now you have been reunited with your knitting!
I saw an episode of The Office the other day where one of the characters (I forget her name) was knitting.

When I got to work this morning my knitting bag wasn’t in the library where we had our meeting yesterday (I’m a special ed teacher). I asked everyone that I could think of about my bag and no one saw it. Needless to say, I wanted to cry. I had lost my knitting, my assessories, and to Addi Turbo needles (expensive). I was in the assistant principal’s office when I heard a voice that sounded like an angel, “Ms Milton, I have your bag”. I ran out of the office and there was another assistant principal with my bag. I gave her the biggest hug I could. I’m sooooo happy now. :woohoo:

I’m so glad you’ve got it back. How nice of them to take care of it for you!