Crumbs... more disappointment

:wall: After knitting about about 25 rows of my wrap, I noticed my brand new, Colonial Rosewood needles are already really dinged up and the color is coming off of them. I can’t catch a break today. The good news is that the Vanna’s Choice isn’t looking as bad as it did in the beginning. I still think it’s no nicer than Red Heart. (Disappointing as it’s been really talked up.) Then, to top it off, I wasn’t paying attention and messed up the pattern. I think I may put the knitting away for the day. :hair:

I hope tomorrow’s knitting goes nicer for you…

Soorry to hear you are having such a time with your WIP. I was wondering if you have used some kind of hand lotion before you handle your needle’s. Something like that could remove the finnish on the needles. I did that a long time ago on an arm of my chair. After a while it got kinda rough and sticky.

No, no lotion… But thanks, I’ll definitely be more aware of those sorts of things in the future! :slight_smile:

sorry to hear that knitpurl! hope tomorrow goes better

Hiya KPG,
I wouldn’t worry too much about the finish coming off, after you’ve knit with them for a while they will become smoother and develop a lovely patina. They will become more polished with use. If you’ve gotten a couple of spots on there that are too rough, you might just take some very fine sandpaper 300 grit or above and delicately smooth them out. Rosewood will become darker and shinier with use.
That’s part of the love of wooden or bamboo needles, the more you use them the better they get, but there is a small amount of time that, they are being broken in and the rough spots are being worn off, they play havoc with you. So, no worries hun, just keep on knitten stuff and before you know it they will be wonderful works of art, even better than when you bought them.:x: :thumbsup:

:hug: to ya, hon. Things will look better tomorrow, I’m sure.