Cruise socks #2

I am finally done with his second pair of socks for the cruise. We have 26 days until the cruise so I just slid under. I was having problems with my hands cramping and could snail along with about 5 rows at a time.
This is Lorna Laces yarn in Intrigue and the orange color is Knitpicks Comfy Fingering yarn in Sweet Potato. The Intrigue knits up brown colorway though it looks rather olive colored.

Those are lovely! I want to go on this cruise just to see all the wonderful things you’ve knit. Bringing along a large trunk by any chance?

We decided to buy all new luggage for our trip and we like duffle bag style luggage instead of actual suitcases. I have always loved LL Bean’s stuff so I thought since we were driving instead of flying I would buy their xlarge bags and get two for each of us and a medium sized shoulder style bag. Wellllll, you talk about a trunk! lol Just one of the duffle bags is 17"H x 34"Long x 15"D. This thing is huge and each of us have two of them so we definitely have plenty of space to bring stuff home! Jack’s is a yellow gold color and black trim sort of bumblebee and mine are pink and black. For once I can take as many pairs of shoes and handbags as I want without Jack griping we don’t have enough room! :rofl:

I like LLBean stuff and those will be great!

Nice socks, too!

Beautiful socks, Nonny. Love the lively colors!

With all the knitting you’ve done and your acquisition of “body bags,” you’re all ready for the cruise!

You’ve put a lot of preparation into this–more than most people. Here’s hoping it far exceeds your expectations!

Heaven’s me too. We leave 3 weeks from Friday and I am a nervous wreck. My husband is retired Navy so is super excited to be back on any kind of ship. Me, I am not so sure about being on something where I can’t see land! lol I was on an aircraft carrier for the day out in the Atlantic once, but got really dizzy being on the flight deck. I have trouble with the horizon moving. So, I guess I just keep my head down! lololol

Drool! I love them! And the citrusy colorway, too!

I love the socks; The colors look great.

I hope you have lots of fun on your cruise, and you fill up those bags with lovely mementos, and you make lovely memories!

Just can’t believe we have been married almost 40 years! I am sure as long as we have no hurricanes or tropical storms we will have a blast. Wonderful way to finally celebrate our 40 years of marriage. Thanks for the comments!

Perfect choice of colors for a cruise! I hope you have a wonderful trip!

have a wonderful trip!

Pretty socks. Sometimes I get a bit fearful thinking about traveling. I almost passed up a trip to Hawaii for that reason, but luckily came to my senses and went. Have a great time on your cruise.