Crown shaping - first time knitting a hat

Okay, so after few months knitting a lot of scarves, I finally found the courage to knit a hat, meaning using DPNs. I have a problem in the crown shaping part. :wall:

The pattern is from Vogue Knitting - Knit simple - holiday 2006 issue - p. 85 (if anybody does have the magazine).

I didn’t have a problem working with 5 needles - the pattern started with casting on 104 sts - divided into 4 needles - so a total of 26 sts on each needle. Here’s where I got confused - when I got to the crown shaping:

Rnd1 *K2, p2tog; rep from * to end. Work 3 rnds even. [color=red]Does it mean I work the same pattern for another 3 rnds? Because after the first decrease, I was left with odd number of sts. and I didn’t know how to p2tog at the end of every needle when there’s only one st left??[/color] :??
Rnd 5 *K2tog, p1; rep from * to end. Work 2 rnds even.
Rnd 8 *K2tog, p2tog; rep from * to end. Work 1 rnd even.
Rnd 10 *K2tog; rep from * to end.

Please help me. Thanks a bunch.

Working a round even is just to knit all the way around without any decreases. So you’d do the decrease round, then knit 3 rounds without any decreases.

Thanks, Ingy! You are wonderful, as always! :muah: