Crossover stitch?

I went to my lys this morning and the owner was knitting a scarf with a crossover stitch…it was a beautiful stitch and she was busy, so I didn’t impose by asking many questions…do any of you know how to knit this stitch?!!

I’ve not done it before, but I ‘googled’ and found this for ya. There’s even a video on the page. :thumbsup:

The stitch is so neat…thanks for the google…she was doing a scarf with Crystal Palace ribbon yarn and using the stitch…it was beautiful…so, I bought the yarn for a future scarf project…now I can attempt to do the stitch. :XX:


EK, I enjoyed watching the video. Thanks. Wish i could get that channel

Your welcome. The show itself is pretty good, but I’m not too fond of the host. Aside from her irritating voice, she cuts off her guests and talks over them in a Ms. Know It All kind of way. I understand it’s a 30 minute show and she pressed for time, but DAMN!!! I want to tell her to shut up already!

Thank you for sharing this I was looking to make a scarf and this is wonder full I want a look that know one has and I think this is it THANK YOU !!! I was also wondering what chanel that is on I live in Cali and I have never seen it before… I always have to run to the yarn shop pay 10 for a little lesson so I got online and found these great sites and you are all so help full. that would be great to see what the T.V has to show. I have yarn and alot of it soo I am running out of ideas soo this one will be great thank you again Jenifer