Crossing Stitches for accent purposes

I’d like to use some accent stitches and have played around with knitting the second stitch over the first on left hand needle. This produces a right leaning stitch accent. How would I get this accent to lean left? Thanks in advance…

Knit into the second st first, but from the back of your work.

Okay, thanks, Suzeeq, I’m putting my right needle into center of the first stitch, knitting the second, then knitting the right and it does lean left but it’s not neat like the right leaning one and is awfully tight.

Should I be knitting the second st throught back loop?

You knit the sts out of order - 2nd st first, [I]then[/I] the first stitch. And you don’t have to knit the second one tbl, you can usually find the front leg to knit into. But your right needle will be behind the left needle and sts, not in front.

GOT IT!!! I took the right needle behind the 1st stitch, dug in coming forward, knitted the 2nd stitch, leaving both on needle (kinda tricky) then knitted the 1st through the back loop, dropping them both off the left needle and it’s actually prettier than the right leaning one…soooo, when doing the right leaning one, I’m knitting the 2nd stitch (in front) then knitting the 1st stitch through the back loop too and they match much better!!! Thanks again, Suzeeq, knew I could count on you…:muah:

Yep yep yep… you’ve got it!