Crossing My Fingers

I’ve tired for years to get my daugher into some kind of hobby. A few days ago she told me that she needed to do something with her hands so she asked me to show her how to knit. She made a small square and she’s started another practice project. When her husband saw her knitting he said, " Your doing that to!" I’m hoping that she will keep knitting.

Isn’t that gratifying? congrats! My dd is only 5 but a couple of months ago she asked to learn to knit and although she can’t hold the tension–she can do the stitches without help!!!

Your daughter’s swatch looks great–make sure you encourage her–knitting is such an awesome “hobby” (or life…for some of us!)

Cute! I love those colors! My boyfriend asked me how to knit a few days ago and he has got it down! He wants to knit hacky sacks, lol. We’ll see if he gets that far!

My DD is 24.

That would be a wonderful thing y’all could share, if she does keep it up… I was 41 when I started, and would have loved to had someone to sit and share their knowledge with me… Heck, I would love that now!!

My neice, 11, asked me to show her how… she already wanted to learn, and had bought a kit to try to learn on her own, and was thrilled to find out I could show her hands on… As mentioned above by Cristy, I was amazed by how quickly she picked it up! Now when I go over to visit, she runs to get her needles and yarn, and we get to have some one on one time…cloud9 Unfortunately, they live kind of far… so it’s not as often as I would like…

One of my DD six year old twin boys wants to knit also. I have already bought him some needles. I can see my SIL’s eyes rolling now. :teehee:

That is wonderful… You can tell your SIL there are MANY (very cool) male knitters!:wink:

I am so anxious to get another knitter in [I]this[/I] family, it’s not funny! Eeek… my fingers are crossed for you!