Crossing cables on the purl side?

cable crossing lands on purl side?!
Hi I’m a beginner knitter and I understand how to do cables skipping an odd number of rows before crossing again but I came to the conclusion while trying to make my own pattern that If I skip an even number of rows, eventually where the cable needs to cross is going to be on the purl side of the cable. and I’ve seen patterns like this before so I know it’s possible but I just can’t figure out how you would do that! I only know how to cross cables on the knit side. please help!!

I’ve actually never seen a pattern that called for a cable cross on the wrong side. You can always add in an extra row so that the cables cross on the right side. Consistently keep the same number of rows between cable cross and they will always cross on the same side.
If you want to do them though, the cross is the same. If you held sts to the back when working the RS, hold sts to the back when working the WS.

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well if your column is like this
cross (knit)
then the next row would have to be
cross (purl)

right? see what I mean? I’m not using technical terms or anything sorry, this is why I’m trying to make my own pattern bc reading patterns sometimes confuses me

I see what you mean. All the cable patterns I’ve seen have an odd number of rows between the cable cross to avoid the problem. You would cross on the 6th row and always make that a right side row.
As I mentioned if you want to cross on the purl side, cross the same way. Try a small swatch to see how it goes.

thank you ! I’m just sticking to an odd number for now and I’ll try that if I see it on a pattern!

You can cross on a purl side, just reverse where the stitches go (hold in front or back) and purl the stitches.

So a right-leaning cable would have to have the stitches held in in the front on the purl side, purl the next stitches, and then purl the stitches from the cable needle.

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If you make your cable row ,. Row 1
2. Purl
3. Knit
4. Purl
Row 5 would be cable row, or row 7depending how many rows you want in between your cross overs…