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Hi! I’m Jen and I haven’t been knitting for long (about a year). I was hoping I can get some sort of assistance…

I am currently working on this awesome quilt for my friend as his Christmas present and it’s asking me, after completing the patches in st. sts to cross stitch/embroider the pattern on there.

For those who registered with here’s the pattern I am talking about:

I’ve never done a cross stitch before, and was wondering if anyone knew of a website that can demonstrate how?

Thanks so much!
-jt :knitting:

There are many sites with cross stitch info. You could try googling to see which ones you find most helpful. Otherwise, some info here


That blanket can also be duplicate stitched. I actually think duplicate stitch would look better when completed, but that is a personal matter. I looked at your blocks. Did you just make plain blocks and need to put all the pictures on, or did you possibly use intarsia to do, say the firetruck in red and just have to put the details with other colors? If you have to do all of it you really have a big job ahead of you. Some folks love that sort of thing though. I hope you do. :slight_smile:

You can Google duplicate stitch too. It looks more like the pictures have been knit right on.

Here is a short bitwith no pictures about cross stitching on knit fabric.

I looked for some good information about the cross stitch on knit and didn’t find much. I have looked before for stuff about duplicate stitch and you don’t find a whole lot about that either, but there is some.

it was the crotched version that was shown.

i went ahead and knitted all the blank ones (st. sts) and i have to put all the details on there!!! lol i dont know what i was thinking taking on this job!!!

i appreciate ALL the replies!

it was the crotched version that was shown.

Generally speaking, they ‘visually’ would appear the same in the online pic. It’s the working method done (crochet or knit) that differentiates how it’s created. You’re fine doing the panels in st st and then can decide if you want to work cross or dupe st to create the images. An online friend of mine made this and really enjoyed the project (she’s an intermediate knitter but found it quite easy).

I suggest you make a small swatch of st st and practice with both cross and dupe st to see which you prefer before doing the actual panels. If you think of them along the lines of ‘paint by number’ you’re just making colored sts to correspond to the colors on the charts. The nice thing about working the individual panels is that you don’t have to work on the entirety of the blanket which would get kind of cumbersome. You could take these along to work, school, etc.

Once you get going and see the patterns taking shape I don’t think you’ll see this as that daunting.