Cross Stitch Lace pattern trouble


I hope someone can help me because I can’t seem to figure out what I am doing wrong with a pattern. I was practicing some new stitches by making blocks and found a lovely lace pattern that didn’t seem difficult, but I guess I was wrong. The pattern can be found here: I either get more and more stitches, (I knit all three loops individually) or it just becomes a jumbled mess (I knit the three loops together). It seems like there should be a decrease somewhere, but I am just not seeing it.

Any help would be appreciated.


In row 3 you drop the extra wrap as you slip the 6sts (pattern repeat is these 6sts) to the right needle. Then you decrease by 3sts by passing the first 3sts over the second 3sts. Now the 3sts with a collar of slipped sts around them, go back to the left hand needle and are knit as usual. So you decrease 3sts for every 6sts. On row 4 you knit front and back into each st so that each pattern repeat is back to 6sts. Row 3 is the decrease row and row 4 brings you back to the initial cast on. Very pretty pattern!

Ok, I think I see what I’ve been doing wrong… I need to bring the first 3 stitches over and let them form a loop instead of putting them on the LH needle… Then you bring the last 3 back over and knit those instead?

Thank you for your help!

Yes, that’s it. When you bring the first 3sts over the second 3sts, you drop them off the needle.