Cross stitch/just wondering!

Just wondering if anyone does cross stitch here because I was at joanns and I was in the cross stitch isle. I had learned to cross stitch about a year ago and loved it. i stopped doing it. while i was in the isle at joanns, i bought a $20 book with like 1000 different little pictures you could put into samplers with some pre-made ones in the book as well, and also bought 5 or 6 little kits costing around $2 each. Would anyone be interested in this? If so, I can post pics.

I might be interested in the kits. Are they stamped or counted cross stitch?

I like to cross stitch (counted better) and haven’t done so in a long time, rally should get back into it.

They are counted cross stitch. Would you like a pic?


It’s about 9:30 pm now and i am zonked… i will post pics in the morning! =] nite all!

here be the pictures!
Here is the book… pretty awesome if you like to stitch samplers!!, then there is a 14 count 12 in. by 18 in. cross stitch fabric, and a pack of 36 skeins of 6-strand floss… i didn’t take it out but looks like there is 2 in each color.




sew special


The book was $20, im asking $10
The floss was $5 and the Fabric was $3, I’m asking $5 for both together.
Finally, the kits. Tran, Sew, and Fish were $3. Bunny and Mom were $2. I’m asking $10 dollars for all of them together. PM me!!

I sent you a PM about one of the sets. I completely understand if you would rather sell everything as a set.