Cross 2

Would someone please explain how to: Sl 1 pwise, k1, pass sl st over knit st and place on left-hand needle, knit same st? This is not supposed to be a decrease to my number of stitches. I’m stumped.

Is it for My So Called Scarf? If so, sl 1, k1, yo, psso. It comes out the same.


I would try slipping one purlwise, knit 1, then use the left needle to pick up that one you slipped, in the same way you do when about to pass it over and drop, but don’t actually drop it: just use the left needle to pick it up, move it over/off the right needle, but keep it on the left needle, and try to pretend it’s any normal stitch on the left needle, and knit it as usual.

That’s one stitch, and it would be knitted once. No stitch number change.
Does that sound like it will give the result you expect from the picture?


If it is My So Called Scarf, Sue is right–just sl, k, yo, psso both the k and the yo. It’s easier and the results are exactly the same.