Cross 2 Front

Hey Everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful winter holiday! :hug:

I’m currently working on this pattern and have just realized that I’ve been doing it wrong.

I started it last night while watching a movie, and when I got to Row 3, I just read C2F and didn’t bother reading the instructions that went with it since I thought I knew what C2F was! So here I am, knitting away, making my mini cables with my mini cable needle…when I realize that my hat is not looking much like the hat in the picture. :doh:

So I go back and read the C2F instructions and realize that they’re not the same as C2L…but I’m already pretty far with the hat and I don’t want to frog. It doesn’t look bad…kinda zigzaggy, and I think it’ll be really warm. So I think I’ll just keep doing these tiny cables…will I run into any problems later in the pattern?

Also…now that I know that C2F is not the same as C2L…what exactly is C2F? I see that it says to knit into the front of the second stitch on the needle…I’m assuming it means the left needle, of course, but then it says to knit the first stitch and slip them off together. First of all, how on earth I’m meant to knit the second stitch is beyond me…it’s way too tight! But then, I’m supposed to just stick the needle with the knitted second stitch into the first stitch and knit that too?? I’m confused. :pout:

It take a little getting used to, but yes, you knit the 2nd st first, leave it there, knit the 1st stitch, then let both of them slip off the left needle. If it helps you do it, slip the first stitch off the left needle and hold it in back, knit the 2nd st, then knit the first stitch. A 2 stitch cross. Or you could practice it as written on larger needles and maybe your stitches won’t be so tight.


Ok, so I’m trying to understand the knitty-gritty (lol) of this, and I’m not sure if I’ve got it…

This is NOT the same as putting one stitch on my cable needle, knitting the second stitch, then knitting the first stitch off my cable needle…right? Or is it? I don’t get it. :shrug:

ETA: Oh wait…it can’t be the same as a cable because if I were doing a cable, I would knit the second stitch, slip it off the needle, and then knit the first stitch and slip it off the needle. With this C2F, I’m knitting the second stitch, but not slipping it off the needle until after I knit the first. Right?

You don’t do them the same, but the finished cable/cross is the same. Just a different way of doing it.



From what you’re saying, does that mean that you can do cables this way? It seems much quicker and easier than slipping the stitches to a cable needle.

Wow. I just worked on a big project with LOTS of cabling. This would have really saved some time.

Thanks for clearing this up.


Grumperina explains how to do cables without cable needles here (click on “Cabling w/o cable needle” on the left hand side). :slight_smile:

It depends on how many stitches you’re cabling. If it’s just 2 and 2, or even 3x3 you could, or use the technique feminine_earth points out in the link. Anything more, and you may need to use an extra needle to hold them.


Sue, that is awesome, and i admit, it took me a bit to get my head around (sorta had to pretend i had my needles in hand :doh: )… but thanks for that tip :thumbsup: