Cropping a picture?

Hello. Does anyone have the site I can use to crop a picture? I was on this site years ago and I had the other site on my favorites so I could post pictures all the time.
Thank you very much! :muah:

Do you mean software or online? Here’s a few online that I think can crop as well as resize for the forum. The link in my sig gives acceptable sizes.

Thank you so much, Jan! :muah: The last link you posted was the link I used to use out here to post my knitting pictures. I want to post some later on today. I knitted two hats for my daughter and a sweater.

By the way, if anyone ever gets a chance, try using Bernat’s stretch baby yarn. It’s wonderful! I keep buying it and making things with it. It’s so fun! I’ll post the sweater later on. Even my husband loves the look and feel of the yarn. :happydance:

Your daughter is adorable. (and so is the hat!)

If you’re using Windows, you can also use MS Paint to crop photos too. It’s under Start > All Programs > Accessories > “Paint”. That way, you can crop them before you even upload them anywhere :wink: That’s how I used to crop my pictures before Photoshop :mrgreen:

Yup, and if you’re on a Mac, Preview will crop for you as well. Use the Tools menu to first select and then crop.