Cropped Sweater

My latest creation

Very pretty …like the yarn very much! GREAT JOB!

That’s beautiful! It looks like a lot of work!

Beautiful! I love the color and the stitch pattern. Nicely done all around.

Very nice. I like it, same as everyone else.

Love it! Very simple and simply gorgeous!

What pattern and yarn did you use? I’m guessing it’s a bulky yarn because the stitches look like maybe you used a size 10 (or larger) needle. The stitches really add a lot to this piece.

Also, I like your buttons. Is the one in the middle a different color or is that just a trick of the light?

Okay, I’ll quit asking questions now! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ohhhh, I see that this pattern is your own personal pattern! Good work, Monidew!

Did you just wing it from your experience, or did you use Sweater Wizard to spit out a blueprint based on your specs?

Thank you. The pattern was my own, as you have concluded.
The yarn is only fingering weight, and the needle size was 3. It was not double stranded - I just used a double seed stitch for the deep waffle texture, which I really love for fall. The ribbing is 2X2 because it integrated well with the double seed stitch.
The buttons are all exactly alike. The flash bounced back off the surface causing it to appear lighter in color.

Maybe next time, I’ll mix up my buttons! I’m known for recycling buttons. It’s a cute idea!

Thank you, everybody!

MoniDew, that is a great sweater for fall. The color is very nice, love the buttons and you did a great job on the design and getting all the elements to come together.

Yes!..great looking fall sweater, so cozy. I would like to see it ON YOU though…feel like posing for a pic? makes a big difference to see a sweater on a real person rather than just laying flat and lonely like that…:muah:

Nicely done! Love the colour!

I’ll post one as soon as I have an assistant to take one for me. Thanks for the encouragement.

I love it! I’ve always wanted to try to design a pattern. So far, I haven’t been patient enough to try it. Anyway, you did a great job! :cheering:

great job on the sweater!

It looks terrific. What a great sweater for fall!

Very nice, great colour and just love those buttons, really suit the cardigan.

I love this!! :heart: The color, the design… beautiful. (As always!)

This is me, wearing the cropped cardi. I love elbow length sleeves. I have arms like an orangutan. Sleeves from store-bought clothes are always 3" too short, so I’ve gotten used to them being that length.