Cropped sweater

Based this on the Anthropologie capelet, which is basically just a top down raglan. I made the neckline lower and and the whole thing less fitted. I am still experimenting where I like the buttons best. I used a crocheted edge on the front panels, but may have to use one more row or crochet to hold it down a bit better. Or maybe just iron it.

I originally had a hood on this, but the weight of the hood kept pulling it down in the back, so I took the hood off and just did some ribbing at the collar.

I used Collinette Wigwam on size 10.5 needles. The color is called Alabaster. Wigwam is a 100% cotton tape yarn. I love the colors of this and the feel of the cotton. It turned out to have that perfect “sweatshirt” feel, but I think it looks a bit more refined than the average sweatshirt. I wish I could have afforded more yarn and made this long-sleeved.

Enough babble… here are the pics. Ignore my tired look… I have a sinus infection.


LOVE IT! I just started knitting the anthropolgie capelet too and was thinking of doing the sam thing to the bottom but didn’t think about the neckline. Love what you did!!

That’s beautiful! I love it.

That is so, so pretty!! I love the style, color, everything! It looks great on you!

I love it!!! I am knitting a long sleeve one and I am lowering the neck also. How many did you cast-on? Yours is the perfect neckline. I am using Cascade Quartro. I want it to reach my waist so it’s more of a true cardigan. Good job Candicane!!! :cheering:

It’s very beautiful and looks fabulous on you! :cheering:

I think I CO somewhere around 80 stitches. Your yarn is thinner than mine though.


That is one fine knit!!

It looks great on you, good job!

I love that style on you. Looks very cute with the long sleeve t-shirt - great job! :cheering:

That is very cute!

wow. i really love that - beautiful! :heart: