Crooked Knitted Piece


That sounds like stockinette which usually curls quite a bit. Being part of a sampler afghan will stop that but blocking will help a bit too.


That’s what I was thinking but wasn’t sure. The first block I did which was just the knit stitch row after row didn’t curl and wasn’t crooked. When this one started doing that it made me wonder. I’ll block it and let you know how it goes.

Thanks again


When you knit every row (or purl every row) the stitch pattern is called garter stitch. It lies very flat as opposed to stockinette stitch. It’s a good choice anytime you need a knit item to remain flat.


Sorry, I totally forgot to post how the blocking came out. After blocking the square it is only very slightly crooked, I’m certain it will be fine once sewn together with the other squares of the afghan.

Thanks for your help!