Croisette Wrap-Around Cardigan Blues

Hi there,

I’m having some serious issues with this pattern at

I got both front pieces done okay, and then I got to the back. I did some math and things didn’t add up. Looking at the number of stitches at the beginning and adding/subtracting stitches where I understand them to be, I end up with 54 stitches at the end when it says to bind off the remaining 11 stitches. What? It seems to me that it left out something.

Based on the picture, I’m guessing that maybe it left out something about knitting 11 stitches, binding off 32, and then knitting the other 11, and then a couple of rows later binding off those 11 stitches on each “strap”. But it doesn’t say that at all, so I know I’m missing something.

Also, I knit a gauge at the beginning, which fit, but after I did the first front piece, I noticed the sizing was way off, so I’m wondering if I did something wrong there, too. I think I just need the pattern explained in plain English. I haven’t even looked at the sleeves, borders, or finishing yet. I may be in over my head, here.

Has anyone done this pattern before or can anyone make sense of the instructions? I’ve had problems with the patterns on this website before, but they have such cute stuff that I can’t resist, and then I run into a problem again and kick myself for even getting started. :slight_smile:

Thanks for any help you can give me!!


Gauge often changes when you work on a larger piece, so measure the gauge in what you’ve got knitted and see how that compares to your swatch. You may need to use a smaller needle or smaller size.

This may be the confusing part…" 3 sts at each end once, then dec on every alt row 2 sts twice and 1 st 2 (4) times, working visible dec. When work measures 34 (36) cm or 13 1/4 (14 1/8)" from beginning bind off rem 11 (13) sts."

European patterns are worded differently, each ‘end’ actually means each ‘edge’, not both ends of the row. So here you BO 3 sts at the beg of the next 2 rows, then BO 2 sts on the next 4 rows, and dec a st at the beg and end of a RS row twice. But that does only dec 18 sts… I’d go with that and ignore how many sts you’re supposed to have. The fronts are supposed to end up at 11 or 13 sts for each one - doubled that would be 22 or 26 sts plus the sts decreased for the neck edge on the fronts. So I think the 11 (13) for the back also is a typo.

The diagram that goes with this pattern suggests that the back piece should have some kind of middle-stitches bind-off. Your interpretation (which makes much more sense than the pattern) would have me bind-off in a straight line across the top of the piece (after making the necessary decreases in previous rows), so when I’m sewing the pieces together at the end, I would just connect the 11 stitches of the left front piece to the first 11 stitches on the left side of the back piece, and the 11 stitches of the right front piece to the last 11 stitches on the right side of the back piece (or something like that)? In my mind, this would only create a back “neckline,” as shown in the diagram, if those seams are lower than my shoulders in the back, otherwise there would be no back neckline at all.

Am I drawing the picture in my head correctly or am I still missing something? I’m a very visual person, so I often need clarification on written instructions. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your help! I had to go back and redo the front pieces, so I switched to a different needle size and that seems to be working fine. I haven’t made it to the back piece yet.