Crocodile stitch

Has anyone tried the crocodile stitch? I’m running into a problem, and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. The pattern asks for a multiple of 6. Pinch the last sts, ch3, dc in stitch you have pinched, creating 2 dc for the beginning of the work. Ch 2, skip 2, and do 2 DC in the 3rd stitch. Pattern repeats across, slip knot is not counted. I put that note in there because when I get to the last set of DC, I ch2, skip 2…but there is no 3rd stitch. 4 times I ripped out and tried again, keeping it to 18 chains, pinch, chain 3, dc in pinched chain, ch2, skip 2…always the same issue. I have no clue what I’m doing wrong and I’ve been crocheting 18 years.

When watching the video from “The Crochet Crowd” I noticed they go through the “center” of the chain, with the “front” and “back” loops on top. I only crochet from the top, and when I consult my crochet books, they all say it’s merely a matter of preference, but I’m wondering if that creates the problem? I don’t know.

See if this tutorial helps. It’s from someone who figured it out and is careful to highlight parts that may be confusing.

I looked that over, and it worked. However here is where it gets really confusing:
They chained 33, then dc in third chain from hook…which is essentially multiple of 6. (6*5=30, chain 3, dc in third chain from hook). I do a multiple of 6 more or less then 30, (chain 3, dc in third chain from hook) and still end up with 2 chains at the end, instead of 3 to work the final dc posts.
:?? :shrug: :wall: :hair:

This is the problem I hit each and every time, and I can’t figure out what is the issue.

How…odd. I tried again, doing 24 sts, ch 3 then I just counted 3 down from hook and did a dc there, and it worked. Yet when I did the 24, pinch, ch3, dc where pinched, I end up with 2 left over chains. :think: Okay then…

If I started a project with chains I would purposely do a few extra. After I was sure I had my stitch count right the extra chains could be raveled out. While I found it most useful in projects with a lot of stitches I always preferred taking out a few extras over coming up short. So, don’t worry about having extra chains you can get rid of just be sure you have at least enough. HTH

My luck, especially tonight, I’d do that and end up ripping out too many, or find that I’m still off. I’ll work on it more tomorrow, for now I’m just doing mindless crocheting; a simple blanket/throw that I may do a rose motif in the middle…maybe. LOL.