I want to give crocheting a try. I been on

But as practice my work keeps getting smaller and smaller. I am trying to find a video that will show me how to start the next row.

Can anyone help

thanks Lori:aww:

When you say it gets smaller, do you mean that your piece is getting narrower? If so, it may be a turning chain issue.

If you are not making a turning chain, then that is probably the issue. A turning chain is when you crochet extra stitches to begin the next row at the correct height for the stitch you are using.

Your turning chain may not be long enough and could be pulling the work in. You might need to make it another stitch longer to make it work. (I vary how long my turning chain is depending on the weight of the yarn, but for double crochet, for example, I usually make a four stitch turning chain, not three as most patterns call for.)

You may also be crocheting into the top of the turning chain at the end of your row and accidentally not counting it as a stitch. I suggest that you count your stitches. If you have fewer stitches on each row, then it probably is a turning chain issue.

I don’t know of any videos, but you might take a look at these pages:

Turning chain

Turning your work

When I teach people to crochet, this is a very common mistake. for me, it’s usually she’s not crocheting the very first stitch in the first in the beginning of the row. If you skip that first hole at the beginning of every row, you’ll eventually have a triangle. Since I am a visual person, it helps me to have someone who crochets take a look at it. It’s a very easy thing to fix. :aww:

I had that problem as well, when I first started to crochet. It was a turning chain problem.

I would suggest knitting a small flat square, with 8 stitches, so you count them every row. That way you should get a feel for the crochet and what you have to crochet.

Thank you

Did you mean crocheting a small flat square? :teehee:

I almost typed ‘knitting’ several types in my response to this question.

Ah, it’s the habit of writing “knitting”, I don’t use “crocheting” that often :thumbsup: