Crocheting sleeve seams on knitted sweater

I like the look and stability of a crocheted seam vs. sewing one. It seems more finished to me than sewing it together.
What is the basic ratio of stitches when crocheting a seam versus sewing one? Sweater knitted with size 9 needles using 4.5 stitches to the inch. What size crochet hook would be best?
Thanks for your help.

I’d think it depends on your crochet gauge.

But I’d say try a G hook, and see how crocheted sl st in each knitted st works. On shoulder seams I’d be a bit wary of crocheting in anything less than 3 out of every 4 knit stitches because you need a firm seam.

If you don’t like how that works, frog the seam and change hook size.

I am only doing sleeve seams. It’s a top down sweater so everything else is seamless.
Thanks for your help.

You might also take alook at mattress st which produces a nice seam on the inside and an almost invisible seam on the outside.

Oh sweet! sleeve seams only!! Please let us know how it turns out…