Crocheting Question

I am working on a pattern called Fountain from the Rowan Silkystones book. There is a ‘motif’ which is a square and has 256 stitches and 63 double crochets. I just joined the motif to the main section and am now stuck. Patter references

"Motif is now joined along its lower edge to top of main section. At each side of the motif there are 14 (as I am making a medium) stitches in pattern. Now work first side section joining this to adjacent side of motif as follows. (note references to TR are really DC in the US)

Row 1 (WS): Patt (14 sts,), miss next 2 tr (UK - US is DC) along side of motif 1 ss into each of the next 7 tr along side of the motif, turn
Row 2: 1 Ch, miss (7 stitches and 1 tr), 1 qtr into next tr pattern to end, turn.

Questions -

I do not see the pattern . I have attached the page of instructions.

Not sure if this makes any sense - but any insights or clues would be extremely appreciated.

Many thanks!


We need a crochet expert to answer your question. Sorry that I can’t help. It’s indeed a lovely top.