Crocheting ON a knitted piece

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]I’ve just about finished knitting a neck piece that I will join together with two snaps at the end.
My plan is to decorate this rather plain piece with some crocheted yarn of a different colour and encompass some buttons in it.
Has anyone ever done this?
I never have… my plan is to experiment and see what happens but if anyone has some pointers… I’m all ears! ( or in this case… eyes)

To Knit or not to Knit, that is the question.[/COLOR]

Hi Tema, it would probably help if you could show a picture of the piece you are working on. I have a little video on my website about how to crochet a border onto a knitted pieceif you would like to take a look at that. It might help you get started on your idea. Once you have done a single crochet border around the edge, then you can crochet pretty much any kind of design onto that.

Hope this helps.


Yep, check out Stitch -n-Bitch book (her first one) and also Debbie Bliss How to knit…I have seen this in both books…

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Thank you, Mary.
I love your baby blanket… it’s so beautiful and the colour is to ‘dye’ for. LOL!
I think the way of binding off with a crochet hook is wonderful… can’t think why I never thought of it (smile)
I so have to give it a try.
Best wishes,

To Knit or not to Knit, that is the question[/COLOR]

Ok, im haveing a problem with crocheting on a knitted dish rag. I just started knitting last week. I dont know how to or where to start to crochet around the outside of something! Im stuck. anything will help.


Hi Cara, you can start anywhere you want to, but I usually start just past a corner. Just attach your yarn by making a slip stitch at the place you choose to begin and then start crocheting your border. I like to do a round of single crochet first and then the border, but crochet it how you like and it will be lovely.

You can refer to the link I provided above to see how I crochet a border around a knitted blanket. I also have other video tutorials on my website you might find helpful.


Thanks for your video… it was really helpful! My question is, what do you do to finish off the border, when you get back around to where you started?

Hey SteveD, glad to hear you found my video helpful! That’s always good news.

When you get back to where you started, just work a slip stitch into the first stitch of the round (or whatever stitch will give you a smooth ending to the round), cut your yarn leaving about a 10 inch tail to weave in later, pull that tail all the way through the loop on your hook and tighten up the loop to secure the yarn. Then weave the tail in to hide it.

I hope this is helpful. If not, perhaps it’s time for another video!